Speed & Traffic Calming Streets

Speeding vehicles in Winnipeg is an increasing problem year after year. This year, I expect it will continue to even be more of a problem. Cities across Canada are reporting with more and more people working from home due to the pandemic, the streets are less congested and are becoming drag strips for those who like to speed.  I’ve worked to make streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists for years prior to being elected.  I’ve written about many initiatives focused on traffic calming (reducing speed) and have posted to my website. I encourage you to search the word ‘speed’ in the search engine to see much work occurring southwest Winnipeg.

Many residents call my office seeking help to have traffic calmed on their streets. Here is what you can do:


  • Contact my office staff (achow@winnipeg.ca), provide your address and we will deliver a sign for your yard.

2. REPORT SPEEDING TRAFFIC to Winnipeg Police Service:

  • Report speeding online at Traffic Complaint or call non-emergency (204) 986-6222. I cannot stress how important this is.
  • The Winnipeg Police Service are the only ones who can issue tickets for speeding, but if they don’t know where speeding is occurring, they won’t be patrolling the area.
  • The WPS are very busy with crime related issues, and residents must report speeding issues so the WPS know where to patrol.

3. NEW 6 STEP PROCESS for Traffic Calming

  • SEE details of the New 6 Step Process for Traffic Calming
  • In recent years,  City engineers were becoming overwhelmed with traffic calming requests. In late 2020 the Public Works department developed a new ‘6 step process’ to address traffic calming requests.
  • This process is being applied to ‘residential’ and ‘collector’ streets. Enter the address to find out if the street is a residential or collector street: Citizen’s Information Service
  • Speeding occurs on every street in Winnipeg. The Public Works department has a number of traffic calming pilot projects underway on collector streets.
  • I am supportive of this new approach. Like Dr’s conducting a ‘checkup’ of a patient before prescribing medicine, engineers must also check out the street before recommending a traffic calming solution.

The Public Works department will also be piloting lower speed limits on some streets. Details of that pilot project are expected later in 2021.