Spring Clean Up in the City!

City staff will be scrubbing, sweeping & cleaning our city over the next 5-6 weeks! 500 staff and 300 machines cleaning 7,000 km of streets, 1,600 km of walkways & countless kms of boulevards!


Your streets will be washed & swept! To find out when your residential street will be cleaned:

PLEASE move your vehicle BEFORE the street sweepers come to ensure you have a clean street!


City will be sweeping boulevards & around roundabouts- there is a lot of sand out there!


It’s inevitable some curbs will be broken over the winter snow removal

  • City staff WILL be identifying & repairing BUT it would help if you could email 311@winnipeg.ca with the location of any you see – we don’t want to miss any!

PLEASE don’t rake leaves or sand from your lawn onto the street. This violates a bylaw & you could be fined.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION or QUESTIONS: Spring Clean Up – City of Winnipeg or contact my office & speak to Andrea (achow@winnipeg.ca)