Statement Against Hate Speech Actions

The world is in turmoil; countries, cities, and towns are grappling with the pandemic, and we are seeing such a horrific side of humanity come to the forefront in society. Recent demonstrations in our city and across our country again reiterate that racism is an evil which continues to plague our society.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day was just a few days ago, as was the fifth anniversary of the Quebec Mosque tragedy. As we reflected on these terrible tragedies, more symbols and actions of hate and racism were being exposed in our city and across the country.

For many it’s incomprehensible to see these actions unfold so openly, but for many – it’s terrifying. These actions are not reflective of the values of Canadians; Canadians are appalled by the actions of a minority.

As I work in the incredibly diverse neighbourhoods of the Waverley West ward, I see and experience such harmony and balance with people from all over the world. People move to Canada to escape extreme persecution, and hate. We all want to live in peace. It makes me so proud to be a Canadian on a daily basis, and so appreciative of what we have.

BUT – clearly, we all must stand strong to protect what Canada is, and represents. As a Canadian, we embrace diversity, multiculturalism, and we respect all. We must continue to confront and call out anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, anti-Chinese rhetoric and all forms of racism and hate speech. My heart feels so heavy for so many who are traumatized by these actions of hate. I know many residents are reflecting on the atrocities they have left behind, thinking Canada would not present more of the same.

City Council has issues a statement – please know we will all continue to work towards building a safe inclusive community and we will stand up and condemn all forms of racism.