Status Update – Long Grass

Here is the update / facts on why the city grass has not been cut. No excuses – just the facts.

  • The grass mowing program typically starts in mid-May and continues until mid-October.
  • This year, we had a very late spring – which meant the streets and boulevards were cleaned late in May.
  • But the sun shone bright and the grass grew.
  • The mowing cycle is delayed by about three weeks because of a late spring BUT – the grass and dandelions are thriving in the sun and heat (FYI – due to Provincial herbicide legislation, the City is prohibited from using herbicides to eliminate dandelions).
  • The street cleaning crews switched over to lawn mowing last week and have started
  • It’s important to note that there are some areas that are too wet to drive large heavy mowing equipment on so some areas will have to dry out.
  • The rains are continuing.

Yes, for sure the long grass / dandelions and fluff is disturbing for many people – and for sure some residents know the City has bigger issues to worry about than long grass and dandelions.

I ask for patience. The grass will be cut. We have just come out of the wildest winter / the wettest spring / and the ‘system’ is catching up to the delays. Next up will be the issue of swarms of mosquitoes and fogging that we will be dealing with.

These are the challenges extreme weather conditions are bringing – and we will work through them.
Please have patience. And of course feel free to send any comments you may have.