Towing Vehicles with Outstanding Parking Tickets

Just over $11 million dollars are owed to the City in outstanding parking tickets.

To attempt to recoup this funding, the City has a new program that was launched on February 15, 2024.

  • IF your vehicle is parked on the street illegally AND you have three or more unpaid parking tickets past the deadline for review, your car will be automatically towed and impounded. To recoup your vehicle, you will have to pay the towing fee.

People with three or more tickets were notified of this new program in January.

The City is towing vehicles as a method to motivate people to pay their parking ticket fines. The City has limited methods to recoup parking ticket fines:

The City may register a lien on the personal property (e.g. a vehicle) of someone with outstanding fines under the MBEA,  and the property may be seized and sold to cover the debt.

  • The City may also file a certificate with the Provincial court to protect the debt from bankruptcy and allow the City to garnish the debtor’s income.
  • However, both these processes are labour-intensive with a significant cost to the City.

The City is asking the Province of Manitoba to  make the necessary legislative and/or  policy amendments to:

  • Allow the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to refuse to issue or renew the driver’s  licence and/or vehicle registration of an individual who has outstanding fines  issued under The Municipal By-law Enforcement Act or The Provincial Offences  Act;
  • Allow the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to refuse to accept insurance premiums  from a registered vehicle owner who has outstanding fines issued under The  Municipal By-law Enforcement Act or The Provincial Offences Act, even if  refusal results in cancellation of insurance;
  • Allow the City to add any outstanding fines issued under The Municipal By-law  Enforcement Act or The Provincial Offences Act to a property owner’s property  taxes; and
  • Waive the fee for filing a certificate in the Court of King’s Bench in accordance  with section 23(1) of The Municipal By-law Enforcement Act.

Learn more on how the City is moving to collect parking ticket fines, see: Collection Powers for Fines

To avoid having your vehicle towed – please pay your outstanding parking tickets: