Traffic Calming on Bridge Lake Drive

We’ve heard high speeds are an issue on this street. Help us decide what solutions could work for your neighbourhood.

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Existing conditions

  • Bridge Lake Drive is a two-lane, undivided, residential collector street
    • It’s approximately 10 metres wide
    • Parking is allowed on the west side of the street but parking spaces are often empty
    • There is a sidewalk on both sides of the street
  • The speed limit is 50 km/h
  • The daily traffic volume is 1,600 vehicles per day, which is within the typical range for collector streets
  • In terms of land use, the street features single family residential properties and a variety of recreational outdoor spaces

Need for traffic calming

Bridge Lake Drive has been identified as a high-priority location for traffic calming measures through our Traffic Calming Program.

Traffic data was collected in April, 2019:

  • The 85th percentile speed, which is the speed at which 85 percent of motorists travel at or below, is 56 km/h
  • About 340 vehicles travel 55 hm/h or faster every day
    • A third of these vehicles travel faster than 60 km/h

Traffic calming measures are being installed on Bridge Lake Drive to help slow speeds and create a safer space for all road users.

We are now collecting community input to help us create the preferred solution for the area.

Tell us what you think by taking an online survey before July 19, 2023.

Please contact or call 204-986-4243 by July 10 with inquiries or if you require alternate formats or interpretation to participate.

Next steps

We are engaging the community in two phases.

In Summer 2023 we are surveying the community to gain an understanding of how people who use the road feel about its current state as well as their openness to traffic calming measures. This is Phase 1 of engagement.

What we hear in this survey will help us develop potential solutions for the area, which we will bring back to the community in early 2024 for Phase 2 engagement.

Following Phase 2 we will present a final design for information and implementation as early as 2024.