Two Sets of Lights – McGillivray Blvd

I speak to Reeve Brad Erb, of the RM of MacDonald on a regular basis because the City and RM are side by side. The neighbourhoods of Whyte Ridge, Bridgwater Lakes and Bridgwater Trails are alongside Brady Road. Brady Road is a city owned road, albeit a dirt road that is not in ideal condition, but Brady Road is alongside farmland and industrial areas in the RM of MacDonald. Reeve Erb and I always have a lot of issues to discuss because of our close proximity and the many initiatives occurring on both City and RM lands. One of the key issues I’ve been working on for literally years, prior to being elected, and since I’ve been elected, is to enable safe access across McGillivray, near Front Street to access Fort Whyte Alive. Mr Erb has taken years of calls on me regarding the need for traffic control lights.

Mr Erb has just confirmed that two sets of traffic control – intersection lights will be installed on McGillivray Blvd. next year! This is such wonderful news for so many people! The lights will be installed at the McGillivray and South Landing intersection (the intersection to the industrial parks) and another set of lights at McGillivray and McCreary Rd. McGillivray is a Provincial highway, along with a portion of McCreary Rd. The installation of the traffic control lights will have multiple positive impacts; the lights will allow breaks in traffic so vehicles can safety turn on or off McGillivray, the lights now trigger the City to start formalizing plans for a pedestrian crossing near Front Street, and I expect the lights will also slow the speed of traffic along McCreary Rd. in some locations. These lights will fundamentally change traffic flows and increase safety on McGillivary Blvd, and I couldn’t be happier.

As I learn more details I will update residents.