UPDATE: Speeding and Noise in Waverley West ward & City of Winnipeg

Please listen to this interview on speed, racing and noise in the Waverley West ward and our City:

THANK YOU residents of Waverley West for diligently reporting speeding and noise issues over the past few years. I’m absolutely confident your efforts have played a role in the Winnipeg Police Service making it a PRIORITY this summer to hold aggressive motorists accountable.

June 14, 2021:
Inspector Roxburn, Winnipeg Police Services Traffic Division provided this statement to CBC:
Winnipeg Police are committed to ensuring our roadways are safe for all concerned and as a result, have made it a priority this summer to hold motorists accountable for aggressive driving which includes racing.

  • Motorists found racing their vehicles on our roadways will have their vehicles seized on the spot and impounded for 7 days.
  • Also they will be issued a Serious Offence Notice where the driver will have to explain to MPI why they should keep their license and a Provincial Offence Notice for Racing/Careless Driving which could amount to fines in excess of $600.00.

Not only is Racing dangerous to those who participate it is also dangerous to other motorists. Furthermore, the strain Racing puts on the vehicles ultimately creates excessive noise which impacts the quality of life of residents in the area which could trigger even more Provincial Offence Notices (fines). Winnipeg Police Traffic Divisions encourages all Motorists to drive respectfully and to think about their impact on the Community around them.


• Online: Use Traffic Complaint Category 
• Telephone: (204) 986-6222