2016 General Assessment for Property Owners

February 12, 2015 – A second wave of 2016 General Assessment preview letters will be mailed out to residential property owners this week. In November 2014, preview letters were sent to about half of Winnipeg’s residential property owners – this mailing will go to the remaining half.

The City of Winnipeg 2016 General Assessment Residential Preview Program has been underway since November 2014.

Properties in Winnipeg are assessed every two years. “The last General Assessment was completed in 2014 and updated market values to April 1, 2012. The 2016 General Assessment will update market values to an April 1, 2014 reference date,” said Mel Chambers, Director of Assessment and Taxation. “We are now in the final phase of the 2016 General Assessment which will ensure assessment values are reflective of market values,” added Chambers.

The assessment increase for residential properties ranges between 6% and 11%. However, this does not necessarily translate into a similar increase in property taxes. The change in the overall assessment roll (including all property types) due to the 2016 General Assessment cannot be calculated at this time as the valuation work on non-residential properties is still ongoing.

Residential property owners are welcome to speak with Assessment and Taxation Department staff about their proposed 2016 market values through the Residential Review Appointment Program. Program details such as dates, times, locations and how to make an appointment will be included with each property owner’s personalized preview letter.   If you are unable to make an appointment, call the City’s Customer Service Contact Center at 311 or toll free at 1-877-311-4974 and a service request will be forwarded to the Assessment and Taxation Department with your address and your concern listed. A Valuation Officer from the department will call you within three weeks of receiving the service request to discuss your concerns.

Final 2016 General Assessment notices will be mailed out in June 2015.

The Assessment and Taxation Department is responsible for conducting a General Assessment of all property in the City of Winnipeg. This includes the valuation and classification of all Winnipeg homes and properties – both residential and commercial – in order to ensure fair distribution of taxes.

To see a summary of the most frequently asked questions with respect to the 2016 General Assessment, visit 2016 Preview Program FQA.

For more information on the Assessment and Taxation Department, as well as the 2016 General Assessment, visit www.winnipegassessment.com.