2017 Property Tax Bills Issued

Property Tax Bills have been mailed to property owners within the City of Winnipeg. Included with the 2017 Tax Bills is information on how property taxes are calculated, methods of payment, penalties for late payments and telephone numbers for customer service inquiries.  2017 Property Taxes are payable on or before Friday, June 30, 2017.

Payment Options / Information

457 Main Street:  Customer Service has moved and is now located on the Main Floor at 457 Main Street.  For assessment and taxation-related information or to make a payment via debit or cheque only, visit 457 Main Street.

Administration Building at 510 Main Street:  General assessment and taxation information requests and payments via cash, debit and cheque can still be made at the 311 Customer Service Counter located at 510 Main Street-Administration Building.

Other Payment Options:  Visit Assessment and Taxation Payment Options.


 2.33% Property Tax Increase

The City’s 2017 Operating Budget included a municipal property tax increase of 2.33% and is made up of the following:

  • 1% dedicated to the Local Street Renewal Reserve
  • 1% dedicated to the Regional Street Renewal Reserve
  • 0.33% Southwest Rapid Transit

It is important to understand the allocation of taxes to the City of Winnipeg AND the Province of Manitoba:

  • Municipal taxes make-up only a portion (45%) of the total property taxes collected by the City. 
  • Education related taxes, over which the City has no control, represents 55% of the total property taxes collected.

To better understand how a homeowner’s tax bill contributes to City services, please see the 2016 Basket of Tax Supported City Services shown at the end of this summary.


Municipal Mill Rate

The 2017 Municipal Mill Rate has been increased to reflect the change in property taxes of 2.33%.  The 2017 mill rate is 13.063 which was increased from 12.766 in 2016.

Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit

For 2017, the Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit will remain the same as it was in 2016, at $700 for qualifying residential properties.

Tax Penalty Rates

Taxes that remain unpaid after the payment deadline date are subject to penalties at a rate of 2.25% per month. This penalty is applied against outstanding taxes on the first of each month except for the month of September when the rate will be 7.5% for current year property taxes.  This information can be found at the following link: http://winnipegassessment.com/AsmtTax/English/Payments/Penalties.stm

More Information

Basket of Services 2016


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