2018 Budget Highlights for South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward

The 2018 Budget Working Group at City Hall consisted of Mayor Bowman, Deputy Mayor Gerbasi and Acting Deputy Mayor Allard as well as Councillors Gillingham, Gilroy, Mayes, Pagtakhan, Orlikow and Morantz.  Members of Council who were not part of the Budget Working Group were invited to meet with Finance Chair, Councillor Gillingham and provide a submission.  I met with Councillor Gillingham in June, 2017 and provided a submission focusing on: improving transit; funding for a governance review; and funding for a South Winnipeg Recreation Campus.

As there was much media coverage on the overall 2018 budget, this update provides a very brief overview of the city-wide budget with a focus on key highlights for the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward.


City-Wide 2018 Budget Highlights


Operating budget (spending on city services):

  • $1.081 billion, up $1.5 million from $1.079 billion in 2017. Smallest spending hike in recent memory.

Capital budget:

  • $246 million, down $74 million from $318 million in 2017.

Governance review:

  • $175,000 for a review of the City’s governance framework.

Property taxes:

  • Increase of 2.33%, unchanged from 2017.

Transit fares:

  • Increase of 25 cents across the board, effective Jan. 1.  Please note I am supporting a motion to implement a Low Income Bus Pass.

On-street parking fees:

  • Increase of $1.50 per hour.  Early-payment discount for fines now only 25%, instead of 50%.

Police budget:

  • $292 million, up $4 million from $288 million in 2017.

Fire-paramedic budget:

  • $194 million, down $5 million from $199 million in 2017

​Road-repair budget:

  • $116 million, up $11 million from $105 million in 2017.

Dutch elm disease fight:

  • $4.6 million to remove trees, a record amount.


South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward  2018 Budget Highlights

1. Roads

2018 Regional Road Construction (major rehabilitation work):

  • Pembina Hwy NB – Ducharme Ave to Cloutier Drive  $2.8 M

2018 Local Street Renewal Projects

  • The list of local streets will be announced by mid-March, 2018

  Construction in 2018 and 2019

  • Waverley Street – Grandmont to the City Limit: 2018 ($1.5M); 2019 ($1.5M)

2. Active Transportation 

  • $150,000 in accessibility improvements to Victoria General Hospital at Pembina Highway and Dartmouth Drive. This is a result of effective advocacy for improved safety for pedestrians crossing Pembina. SIncere thanks to Victoria General Hospital for support on this issue. See report details
  • $500,000 for asphalt pathway on Pembina Highway Northbound from Ducharme Ave to Cloutier Drive
  • $300,000 study proposed for 2019 to develop preliminary design for active transportation pathway along Waverley Street from John Angus Drive to Victor Lewis Drive
  • Bike parking upgrades for Pembina Trails Library
  • See 2018 Pedestrian and Cycling Program – Action Plan for complete details.


3. Parks and Urban Forestry

2018 Park Improvements/Upgrades:

  • Lakeshore Park Pathway – upgrades to pathways and seating:  $100,000
  • Justin Einarson Skateboard Park – installation of light:  $20,000
  • Bairdmore School / Playground – installation of play net $50,000
  • South Winnipeg Community Centre – Waverley site – installation of cricket batting cage $50,000
  • South St. Vital – as part of a Development Agreement (not the budget), approx $200,000 will be applied to a variety of parks and trail projects in 2018.  The final list is in the process of being confirmed, but Okalita to Dakota Community Centre Trail will be included in the projects.
  • Bridgwater Forest – Take Pride Winnipeg support for parks refurbishment $10,000; and $5,000 for tree planting.


4. New Recreation Facility in SW Winnipeg






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