Snow Clearing

Parking Bans, Snow and Ice Removal

Parking Bans, and Snow and Ice removal can seem complicated at times. Winnipeg has an excellent, award-winning program designed to ensure our City keeps moving. To learn more, SEE the SNOW web pages which provide a comprehensive overview.


Prioritizing Snow & Ice Removal

The City’s street system has been classified in three categories of priorities. The time frame for clearing of sidewalks and pathways are tied to these street priorities as per the City’s Snow Clearing & Ice Control Policy:

  1. Priority 1 (P1) Regional streets; ie: Portage Ave, Pembina Highway, Kenaston, etc.
  2. Priority 2(P2) Collector streets:ie: Bridgland Drive, Chancellor Dr. Markham Rd, etc.
  3. Priority 3 (P3) Residential roads; ie: Aldgate, Leon Bell, Keslar, etc.


Find the Priority level of YOUR Street / Sidewalk / Pathway for Snow & Ice Removal

Waverley West Ward


Time frame for Snow & Ice Removal

36 hours following the end of snow event:

  • Priority 1 and 2 roads as well as sidewalks/bike paths beside these roads should be plowed including sidewalks around schools and seniors complexes

Within 5 working days following the end of snow event:

  • Priority 3 sidewalks in residential neighbourhoods should be plowed
  • P3’s (residential roads) are not plowed UNLESS there is excessive snow. If a residential plow is to occur, a special city wide notification is sent out and you will be required to Know Your Zone


Passion & Perspective:

Winnipeggers are passionate about snow and snow removal!  These 6 key points help put parking bans and snow/ice removal into perspective:

  1. Using human beings and machines to harness the forces of nature will ALWAYS be challenging.
  2. Communicating parking bans requires BOTH the City and resident’s active participation.
  3. The City’s detailed Snow Clearing Policy may or may not always align with individuals’ personal expectations.
  4. Every single road and sidewalk in Winnipeg was kept open in 2014, the worst winter since 1898 (according to Environment Canada) for duration, cold temperatures, and record snowfalls. The City did not shut down access; conditions weren’t ideal, but the City did NOT shut down.
  5. Winnipeg is one of the very few winter cities in North America that plows ALL roads and sidewalks:
    • Regional streets                            748 kms
    • Collector streets/bus routes       712 kms
    • Residential streets                     1,852 kms
    • Alleys/Backlanes                           915 kms
    • Sidewalks                                     2,588 kms
  6. Winnipeg’s Public Works Department was the 2008 recipient of the prestigious American Public Works Association’s Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Awardrecognizing best practices in snow/ice removal while minimizing environmental impacts.
    • Winnipeg’s Snow and Ice Control Policy provides one of the top snow and ice control programs in the country, providing services not offered in other cities such as clearing of front drive windrows and plowing of sidewalks.
    • While recognized with the APWA award in 2008, these practices continue to be reviewed and improved upon by the City of Winnipeg.