2015 Local Streets Scheduled for Renewals and Upgrades

The following local streets and alleys in the South Winnipeg – St. Norbert ward will be under construction in summer 2015.  The City uses a ‘Pavement Condition Rating’ system to assist in determining which streets will be repaired.  Two sections of streets are slated for a complete renewal, , one alley will be renewed, and five streets are scheduled for a thin bituminous overlay (TBO). TBO is a thin surface restoration technique applied to the asphalt surface that increases asphalt thickness by less than 40 mm. This is a cost effective  treatment that benefits the road from premature deterioration by improving/restoring asphalt surface.


Street Renewals:

  • Swan Lake Bay from Chancellor Dr Chancellor Dr Reconstruction
  • Greyfriars Rd from Killarney Ave to Dalhousie Dr Rehabilitation


Alley Renewals:

  • Chancellor/Waverley Alley from Lake Lindero Rd to Lake Crest Rd Reconstruction 


Thin Bituminous Overlay:

  • Lake Village Rd from Chancellor Dr to Chancellor Dr
  • Laval Dr from Pasadena Ave to Silverstone Ave
  • Leeds Ave from Baylor Ave to Dalhousie Dr
  • Pasadena Ave from Tulane Bay to Laval Dr
  • Sandusky Dr from Bairdmore Blvd to Waverley St



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