Speed Humps on Rue des Trappistes

Due to a series of events beyond my control, there has been some confusion regarding the speed humps located on Rue des Trappistes.  Currently, the speed humps are in the process of being replaced and re-installed. The Manager of Transportation in the Public Works Department has issued a letter to residents along Rue des Trappistes regarding the project.  For additional information, please refer to Letter – speed humps-rue des trappistes.

I anticipate that the speed humps will be re- installed correctly by end of June, 2015 at the latest.  Thank you for your patience during construction.

Please note that I have also requested upgrades to the sidewalk as there are many uneven, unsafe concrete blocks which have shifted over time. I do not have a date on when these upgrades will occur, but expect it will be this year.

For a complete overview on traffic calming and speed humps in the City of Winnipeg, please visit Traffic Control.



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