Traffic Calming – Piloting Innovative Traffic Control Infrastructure

It’s very exciting to see $105M worth of road upgrades occurring in Winnipeg this year! Many of our roads are in need of repair, and are being rehabilitated, reconstructed and repaired. See a complete list of roadwork occurring in the South Winnipeg – St Norbert Ward.

One of the downsides of road repairs (yes, there is a downside!) is that we often see an increase in vehicular speed on the newly completed, smooth roads. Does that mean potholes may have some benefit in acting as traffic control devices?!  I’m not answering that question!

I’ve been working very closely with the City Public Works department on a series of traffic calming pilot projects. Learn more about the piloting of ‘speed tables’ on Aldgate Road as well as Kilkenny Drive and Bridgeland Drive.

Many of you may already be familiar with the very successful pilot project of traffic calming by means of a raised crosswalk on Dalhousie Drive at Ryerson School.  Changing the ‘built environment’, in certain cases, can be a very effective and sustainable method to calm traffic (less signs, less traffic enforcement required, less costly in certain cases, etc.)

The speed tables are PILOT PROJECTS which the City’s Public Works department will be analyzing over time for effectiveness. Please feel free to send any comments you may have on these projects to