Waverley West Arterial Roads Project – Kenaston Blvd

I’ve received many inquiries on the Waverley West Arterial Roads Project.  This update should clarify some inaccurate information that people are receiving.

In fact, the Waverley West Arterial Roads project was NOT solely built for residents in the communities of Waverley West.  Please see the 8 key contributing factors to the development of the Waverley West Arterial Roads project below:

“Kenaston Boulevard is an essential route, not only for Winnipeggers, but also as a trucking route that has a significant impact on our City’s trade. The improvements made through the Waverley West Arterial Roads Project enhance the flow of this route and make vital connections to emerging residential neighbourhoods. The City of Winnipeg is proud to be taking the lead role in this project through the investment of $36.5 million in these important infrastructure improvements. We are grateful to our partners, the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba, for their contributions to this project.”  – Mayor Brian Bowman   December, 2014   City of Winnipeg News Release



1. City of Winnipeg Regional Street Network

2. Brady Road Resource Management Facility (Brady Road Landfill)

  • Kenaston Boulevard is a key route to the City of Winnipeg’s only active landfill. Over 100,000 vehicles access the landfill via the Perimeter Highway and Kenaston.  Management at Brady did not have readily available data regarding the number of commercial vehicles accessing the landfill. 

3. Strategic Goods Movement Network

  • Identified in the City of Winnipeg’s Master Transportation Plan and approved by Winnipeg City Council in 2011, the Waverley West Arterial roads are a critical link in the Strategic Goods Movement Network. They “ensure an effective and sustainable goods movement network that includes key trade corridors and truck routes as part of the balanced, multi-modal transportation system.”  The connection of Kenaston Boulevard to the Perimeter Highway enables in- bound goods movement around and through the City of Winnipeg (click on map to increase size). 

Traffic Routes for Goods Movement in Winnipeg

  • “Kenaston Boulevard was designated an economic route within the City of Winnipeg, Capital, Region and Province of Manitoba. Due to the linkage it provides between major industrial/commercial sites and national/ international trade routes, it handles a large volume of truck traffic that has resulted in significant cost savings for the transport industry. Kenaston also provides access to new residential and commercial zones within the Waverley West neighbourhoods and, as a result, provides service to high volumes of commuter traffic. Lastly, Kenaston functions to provide a corridor for inter-neighbourhood travel, commuter active transportation, and transit networks.”  – David Wiebe, P.Eng., Partner, Dillon Consulting Limited (2015 Conference – Transportation Association of Canada)

 4. Full Time Trucking Route

  • The Waverley West Arterial roads are part of the City of Winnipeg’s Full Time Truck Route, and are regulated by the Province of Manitoba’s Highway Traffic Act

5. St. Norbert By-Pass Project

  • Kenaston Boulevard connects to the south Perimeter Highway to enable a future north-south linkage to the U.S Border. The Province of Manitoba acquired land to construct a cloverleaf in future which will then link to the St. Norbert By-Pass.  The Provincial St. Norbert By-Pass project will support Centerport Canada and trucking routes that move from the Perimeter Highway to PTH 75 and the U.S. border (click on map to increase size).
    • “As our economy continues to grow, we will increase our investments in transportation infrastructure to ensure commercial and other traffic flows safely and smoothly through the capital region,” said Minister Ashton, Province of Manitoba.
    • “This project will offer long-haul trucks, motorists and tourists the option of a high-speed link from the south Perimeter to PTH 75,” said Terry Shaw, executive director, Manitoba Trucking Association.

Proposed Highway 75 St. Norbert By-Pass

6. Manitoba Capital Region Master Transportation Plan

Transportation Master Plan

7. Mid-Continent Trade Corridor Network – Government of Canada and Province of Manitoba

  • As part of CentrePort Canada, the Waverley West Arterial roads are a key link in the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor Network, enabling road corridors to Canada to the United States and Mexico.  CentrePort Canada is a major initiative for the governments of Manitoba and Canada –  the development of an inland port that will be utilized for goods movement and processing will ultimately provide a high concentration of goods movement and commuter travel. Increasing demands in global trade and transportation efficiencies, as well as growth in major industrial employment sectors, will create a number of challenges to accommodate goods movement trips through and within Winnipeg. Winnipeg’s geographical location, positions it as a key intermodal and freight hub. It links road and rail corridors from the east and west to the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor which connects Canada, the United States and Mexico.
  • The Mid-Continent Trade Corridor facilitates Manitoba’s trade requirements and investments within the NAFTA countries through the development and maintenance of efficient and safe transportation systems (Economic Development Winnipeg).

8. Access to South Pointe and Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater

And YES!  In addition to the 7 purposes above, the Waverley West Arterial roads also enable access to the communities of South Pointe and Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater.


To provide further clarification, there were FOUR funding partners for the Waverley West Arterial Roads.  One could say ‘taxpayers’  did pay for this network – as virtually all residents of Canada, Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg pay taxes – but for purposes of openness and transparency, know that all levels of government and Ladco Co. developers funded this road project.

  • City of Winnipeg
  • Province of Manitoba
  • Government of Canada
  • Ladco Co.


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