Lukes: Strong Supporter Of Transit

During the next few months, there will be much discussion about transit. I want to ensure residents are aware of my support and position on transit.

I understand the significant role transportation plays in our City’s economy, and in the quality of life for our citizens. Transit has been and will continue to be a top priority of mine.

  • Prior to being elected, I was asked by the City of Winnipeg to sit as an advisor to the first phase of Rapid Transit consultations.
  • Transit is one of my top Ward Priorities, and I have a page dedicated to Transit Priorities on my website.
  • In my first six months of being elected, I worked with Climate Change Connection, Jarrett Walker and the City’s Director of Transit to investigate how we could bring a high frequency network to Winnipeg – which did occur. I attended an information session with Jarrett Walker, and have been an avid supporter of Functional Transit Winnipeg.
  • I supported the funding model to move forward on Rapid Transit Phase 2, which is connecting Pembina Highway/Jubilee Avenue to the University of Manitoba. I am now working closely with Transit staff to roll out a high frequency transit service for the new Southwest Transit way. See Transformational Transit in Southwest Winnipeg
  • During my first two years on Council, I advocated to secure two new, expanded routes into South Pointe and Bridgwater Lakes, which started operating in Fall 2017
  • I supported implementation and City funding for Transit’s U-Pass for post-secondary students, and the study to investigate a subsidized fare for riders.
  • Most recently, I supported the Federal funding application for additional monies to study future rapid transit routes throughout Winnipeg. I do recognize Winnipeg is growing but is also a City with that has many old infrastructure funding requirements. At this point, I am not convinced more rapid transit corridors are the answer to our City’s transit woes. More busses are – high frequency and reliable service is what I am hearing people want. I look forward to the Transit Report.
  • And as a mom of teenage boys who is often a ‘shuttle bus’ for teenagers who use transit as their primary source of transportation, I am well aware of the challenges our City currently faces.
  • Rider and Driver Safety is a serious issue. I have supported every motion to improve safety on transit, but know more must be done. I think drivers should drive and not deal with fares. I am very open to seeing trained enforcement on buses.

In summary, efficient on time transit should be one of the City’s top three transportation priorities.  I will continue to be a strong advocate for increased transit and will continue to work closely with ATU, Functional Transit and transit advocates.