Riding the Bus with Amalgamated Transit Union 1505

Riding the BUS with Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU 1505) Reps

Pleased to ride the #12 today with ATU 1505  President Aleem Chaudhary, and Zach Fleisher, Communication Director at ATU 1505. 

Serious discussions with Mr. Chaudhary and Mr. Fleisher on the bus today. We discussed many topics ranging from:

  • Transit Safety
  • The future re-routing of many South Winnipeg buses into the Rapid Transit Corridor
  • U-Pass
  • Electrification and the cost, servicing and expansion of maintenance garage for electric buses
  • High frequency transit and more

The NUMBER 1 point we all agreed on is that we need STRONG LEADERSHIP in the transit department to set a new direction  and sort out the many, many transit issues!  We need FRESH EYES and a BIG PICTURE thinker to conduct a comprehensive overhaul of the transit department.  A job posting for a new Director is posted and filling it with the right person will be critical.

  • Number 2 : Purchase more busses!
  • Number 3: Prioritize transit in the City Budget!
  • Number 4: Work with the Province to secure a confirmed funding plan.

I don’t take transit on a regular basis as I provide a ‘get out of bed and on Mum’s Bus’ service to a variety of teenagers, BUT am an avid supporter of transit service:

  • Prior to being elected, I was asked by the City of Winnipeg to sit as an advisor to the first phase of Rapid Transit consultations.
  • Transit is one of my top Ward Priorities, and I have a page dedicated to Transit Priorities on my website.
  • In my first six months of being elected, I worked with Climate Change Connection, Jarrett Walker and the City’s Director of Transit to investigate how we could bring a high frequency network to Winnipeg – which did occur. I attended an information session with Jarrett Walker, and have been an avid supporter of Functional Transit Winnipeg.
  • I supported the funding model to move forward on Rapid Transit Phase 2, which is connecting Pembina Highway/Jubilee Avenue to the University of Manitoba.
  • During my first two years on Council, I advocated to secure two new, expanded routes into South Pointe and Bridgwater Lakes, which started operating in Fall 2017.
  • I supported implementation and City funding for Transit’s U-Pass for post-secondary students.
  • Most recently, I supported the Federal funding application for additional monies to study future rapid transit routes throughout Winnipeg.
  • And as a mom of teenage boys who is often a ‘shuttle bus’ for teenagers who use transit as their primary source of transportation, I am well aware of the challenges our City currently faces.

I’m pleased to hear many Councillors are ‘riding the bus’ with ATU 1505!


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