2021 Governance Review

The last time the City reviewed its governance model was in 1997 – 24 years ago.  In 2016, I supported the call for a governance review. The review is now underway. This webpage contains a series of video’s I am producing related to the City’s governance model, and also includes media recently published about governance.

The preliminary findings, in my opinion are quite startling. See: 2021 Governance Review Preliminary Findings 2021 Report

The topic of governance certainly isn’t the most riveting topic for residents to engage in, but governance directly affects every resident. Effective governance is part of the foundation for a well-run city, for today and for our children’s future. It guides how we receive information in making decisions on how to invest your tax dollars.

  • I will be posting a series of videos to help you understand aspects of the City’s governance model, in comparison to other cities, and changes I am advocating for.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ governance model, but do know that after 24 years, it’s time to review and improve.

The consultant (MNP) is accepting public feedback on the governance model till February 19th If you have thoughts on how the governance model can be improved, please email your input to COWgovernance@mnp.ca Also if you would like to discuss further, please email me and I will set up an appointment: JLukes@winnipeg.ca


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