Bulletin #3 Employee Conduct Investigation

April 16, 2019 – Speaking in support of Item 5: Employee Conduct Investigation, to Mayor and Executive Policy Committee


I want to thank Councillor’s Gillingham and Klein for supporting my motion at Assiniboia Community Committee, and would like to elaborate a bit further on why I am seeking a public report on the allegations:

  1. To Address Constituents Concerns about Tax Dollars
  • I have received countless emails and phone calls from constituents who are extremely upset in hearing these allegations – I’m sure all of you have.
  • It is important to have a report made public so constituents can see what has occurred.  It is important that a report be public so media can report on it.
  • And most importantly – a report will identify – if the allegations are true – a starting point to make corrections.
  • I do want to note –  I’ve received  calls from employees – who have shared with me stories of nepotism,  reporting methods, and  some rather shocking perspectives. I’ve referred them on to the tip line.
  1. Poor History and Current Practices of Sharing of Information
  • Unlike member of the Mayor’s executive policy – almost half of Council does not receive in depth briefings from the Public Service.
  • Almost half of Council is not privy to hours of ‘off the record discussions’ and ‘confidential briefings’ by the Public Service on many many issues related to the operations and decisions made at City Hall. Multimillion dollar decisions are made weekly at City Hall – using tax payer funding.
  • Because of this restrictive and unequal sharing of information – it positions almost half of Council with limited access to information – and therefore impacts the ability to make sound decisions – and it becomes virtually impossible to share factual information to constituents.
  • I have said before and will say again for the record – prohibiting information sharing ALSO restricts scrutiny by ALL Councillors
  • It restricts scrutiny of the use of tax dollars – and results in many poor decisions –
  • A partial level of scrutiny by elected officials – is reflected in many of the decisions made in the past – and that continue to this very day.
  • I am sure Councillor Orlikow – had you been privy to quality information under the former Council – different decisions would have made, or at least been brought to light.
  • This lack of scrutiny occurs because of the outdated governance model we use to govern the City.
  1. The Economic Engine of the City
  • I want a report so residents understand that the Property, Planning and Development Department (PP&D) – is where the City generates revenue. There are not many avenues for the City to generate revenue to ensure taxes are kept to a minimum. This department should be running like a fine tuned Formula One car. With the City having billions of dollars in infrastructure deficits, there should be optimization of the department.
  • As a Councillor who has an extensive amount of development occurring – both residential and commercial in my ward, I can tell you – there are challenges in the department over and above these allegations.
  1. A Report will Identify Responsibility
  • I want to see a public report because it will help clarify the limited role almost half of Council has in scrutinizing business processes and accountability.
  • To be specific – Councillors who are not on the Mayor’s Executive Policy Committee –  have no ability to scrutinize the managing and supervising of employees.
  • The City of Winnipeg Charter clearly states:  Managing and supervising employees is the role of the Chief Administrative Officer.
  • And the duties of the Mayor and the Executive Policy Committee, according to section 62(1) d of the City of Winnipeg Charter – are to supervise the Chief Administrative Officer;

If these allegations are true, public report will assist the public in understanding where responsibility and accountability lay.

  • Mayor and members of EPC, it is your role – to ensure the CAO is doing his job – managing and supervising of employees
  • Under this governance model, you are the primary guardians, shall we say the front line of defense – in protecting the tax payer dollars.

 I’d like to also put on the record, my gratitude and thanks to the organizations who funded the investigation – which lead to this increased level of scrutiny.