Financial Stability of the City – Political Chain of Command

Over the past few days residents have been asking me  – in a local emergency – who’s in charge of the City’s finances?   I’ve prepared a brief summary:

April 3th, 2020  at a special meeting of Council, Council declared a Local State of Emergency for the City of Winnipeg

  • Council also delegated authority to the Chief Administrative Officer of the City to utilize the emergency powers available to the City as necessary to prevent or limit loss of life or to prevent harm or damage to the safety, health or welfare of people, and to take such measures as reasonably required to maintain the financial stability of the City, subject to subsequent reporting to Council on actions and measures taken.
  • The duration of the Local State of Emergency declaration is 30 days beginning on April 3rd – and enables the Chief Administrative Officer the ability to ‘do what it takes’ to maintain the financial stability of the City.

Political Chain of Command

  • As part of the Emergency Preparedness Program, the Emergency Control Committee works with the Emergency Preparedness and Coordination Committee.
  • The Emergency Control Committee is made up of the Mayor, Members of the Executive Policy Committee, and members of the public service.

Your Financial Concerns

  • If you have any financial concerns regarding the City’s operations during the pandemic, please send them to me or call (204) 986-6824
  • You can also send your concerns to the Mayor, Chair of Finance, and members of his Executive Policy Committee.
  • Please know I am in frequent discussion with the Emergency Control Committee and sending in many suggestions.

Mayor Brian Bowman:

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