Opening Portage & Main – How Councillors Receive Information to Make Decisions

City Councillors have been provided with only 7 business days to review multiple reports on the Opening of Portage and Main, a multi-million $$$ initiative:

  • Winnipeg City Council will vote on this report in 7 business days on Wed., October 25, 2017
  • The timeframe and total cost of the project is NOT known; however, just the removal of the barricades is estimated at $6+ Million
  • I’ve not received any briefings, and no briefings are scheduled to answer Councillors’ questions
  • Wish me luck on having the City’s Chief Administrative Officer or Public Works Director answer questions which I or other Councillors may have between now and October 25

Here’s the timeline at City Hall on how we received information on October 13 about Opening Portage and Main:

12:42 pm     Receive Media Advisory from Mayor’s Office that Mayor is holding a press conference at 1:30 p.m. on “Opening Portage and Main” at the Portage & Main Concourse

1:02 pm      Councillors receive email from City Clerk that the Executive Policy Committee’s October 18th agenda and the Portage and Main Report is posted for the public

1:03 pm       Councillors receive News Release from City Communications Director that Portage and Main Report is published

1:04 pm       Media and the public receive News Release from City Media Department that Portage and Main Report is published

1:12 pm       Media and Councillors receive email from Mayor’s Office stating Clerks forgot to post a Traffic Study AND that today’s Media Conference is delayed until 1:45 p.m

Councillors have 7 days to:

  • Review multiple reports; and
  • Clarify any questions with the City’s CAO or Public Works Director; and
  • Consult and gather feedback from the constituents we represent ……. before we vote on this multi-million $$$ project.

After 20 years of operating under the City’s current governance model, I believe it’s time we update how we receive information and make decisions.

For more details on Opening Portage and Main, see the City of Winnipeg’s website: