My Actions to Improve Accountability and Transparency

I am aiming to improve accountability and transparency by:

1. Providing information to keep Winnipeggers fully informed (through my office, website, newsletters, social media, and working with other Council members to do the same);

2. Encouraging public participation and consultation to ensure decision making is open, visible, inclusive and responsive to Winnipeggers’ preferences and needs (through open houses, Council meetings, and communication from my office);

3. Working to delivering high quality services for Winnipeggers (through my work at City Hall on Council and the various committees I participate on);

4. Working to ensure the efficient and effective use of public resources (through my work at City Hall on the Executive Policy Committee, Finance and Governance committees and in the budgetary process); and

5. Working to ensure political, administrative and financial accountability (through my work at City Hall with the Finance Committee, Executive Policy Committee and through the budgetary process).



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