Special Bulletin

To The Residents Of The Waverley West Ward & City of Winnipeg


The Winnipeg Free Press has printed an incredible story “City inspectors caught on camera” in today’s April 5th issue: https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/…/sloth-in-the-city-plann…

Please know I have cleared my schedule and am working to confirm the validity of the allegations.

I work within the City system day in and day out. I know and there are very very serious challenges not only in the Property Planning and Development department, but also in the Legal and Public Works departments.

There are tremendous issues with weak processes, poor communication, silo departments, etc. I’ve written many many blogs on issues, posted to my website and made many motions to make change. In my opinion, there is an extremely weak ‘top down’ leadership approach to ensuring the City OPERATES and FUNCTIONS internally at peak performance.

The Property Planning and Development department is one of the very few ‘ECONOMIC ENGINES’ for the City of Winnipeg, and it should be running like a fine tuned machine.

If these allegations are true, I can assure you – I will do everything in my power to ensure fundamental change occurs at the highest level. I will keep you updated.