The Challenging Road in Seeking Accountability

In the last three months at City Hall, I’ve found myself at the forefront seeking accountability on two multi-million dollar files:

  1. $30M Missed Lawsuit on the Deacon Water Treatment Plant
  2. Confidence in the Chief Administrative Officer

Both of these files involve the Chief Administrative Officer’s oversight as well as the the potential loss of millions in taxpayers’ dollars.

I take the responsibility of being elected as City Councillor for South Winnipeg–St. Norbert very seriously.  As Councillor, I’ve been provided a 4-year window to deliver on residents’ PRIORITIES, and one of these priorities is to improve accountability at City Hall.

Without a doubt, it’s easier cutting ribbons, taking photos or going to coffee parties than having to spend time investigating complex issues and seeking answers on the oversight of taxpayers’ dollars.  It’s not easy reading your name in the paper demanding accountability from people who you work with regarding the potential loss of millions of tax dollars, or having leadership pose unfounded accusations about your reputation.

But I take this role seriously and for the remainder of my term, I will continue to seek accountability regardless of any barriers presented.