Update: Governance Review 2021  

The last time the City reviewed its governance model was in 1997 – 25 years ago. In 2016, I supported the call for a governance review. The review occurred and the Final Report was published in September 2021.

Councillors have reviewed the report and have now submitted their comments at their respective Community Committees. Councillors comments can be viewed:


The Governance Committee will now consider the Community Committee recommendations on April 8th and make its own recommendations to EPC and Council on that date, or no later than their May 13th meeting.

Depending on when Governance makes its recommendations, EPC would consider the matter on May 18th or June 15th and (unless EPC lays it over) it would go to the Council meeting on May 26th or June 23rd.

I’ve produced two short videos on the City of Winnipeg’s governance model – to help understand the decision making process, and a third one is in production.

For a full overview of the public consultation process, and other documents produced (surveys, responses, etc.)  by the City of Winnipeg,  see: Governance