When a Candidate Comes Knocking on YOUR Door . . .


The Provincial election is September 10th and the Federal election is October 21st. There are many candidates knocking on doors looking for your support and there are many many issues to discuss! When a candidate comes knocking on your door, I encourage you to discuss a South Winnipeg TOP priority:

A TOP PRIORITY for South Winnipeg is to secure a FUNDING COMMITMENT from Provincial and Federal candidates to support the development of the new South Winnipeg Recreation campus. 

  • ASK the CANDIDATE  to commit to providing funding for the new South Winnipeg Recreation campus.
  • How much $$? Just get them to commit to supporting this TOP PRIORITY for South Winnipeg.

Candidates must be made aware this is a TOP priority. I encourage YOU to tell them at the door.

The City purchased land and has allocated some funding towards constructing a new $100 million recreation campus to serve South West Winnipeg’s growing population of 40,000+ residents.

This fall (2019) the City will be formally asking the Provincial and Federal governments for funding for the new South Winnipeg Recreational Campus. I encourage you to also ask each candidate to commit to providing funding for the new South Winnipeg Recreation Campus in Waverley West.

See the lists below of each registered candidate in every neighbourhood in South Winnipeg – for both the Provincial and Federal elections:

Provincial Election – September 10th – Provincial Candidates

YOUR Neighbourhood: Richmond West, Fairfield Park, Fort Richmond

(Fort Richmond Provincial Boundary MAP)

Sarah  Guillemard
Progressive Conservative Party
Website: https://sarahguillemard4mla.com/
Email: pcmanitoba@pcmanitoba.com
Phone: 204-594-4080

Tanjit Nagra
Manitoba Liberal Party
Website: https://www.manitobaliberals.ca/tanjitnagra
Email: tanjit@tanjitnagra.ca
Phone: 204-201-0215

George Wong
New Democratic Party
Website: https://www.mbndp.ca/georgewong
Email: george.wong@mbndp.ca
Phone: N/A

YOUR Neighbourhood: Waverley Heights, Bridgwater Forest, Lakes, Trails & Centre, South Pointe, Prairie Pointe

(Waverley Provincial Boundary MAP)

Dashi Al-Zargani
Manitoba New Democratic Party
Website: https://www.mbndp.ca/dashi_zargani
Email: dashi.zargani@mbndp.ca
Phone: N/A

Fiona Haftani
Manitoba Liberal Party
Website: https://www.manitobaliberals.ca/fionahaftani
Email: fiona.haftani@manitobaliberals.ca
Phone: 204-298-0160

Jon Reyes
Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party
Website: https://jonreyes4mla.com/
Email:  jonreyes4mla@gmail.com
Phone: 204-615-8660

YOUR Neighbourhood: University Heights 

(Fort Garry Provincial Boundary MAP)

Nancy Cooke
Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party
Website: https://nancycooke4mla.com/
Email: nancycookefortgarrypc@gmail.com
Phone: 204-295-1983

Craig Larkins
Manitoba Liberal Party
Website: https://www.manitobaliberals.ca/craiglarkins
Email: craig@craiglarkins.ca
Phone: 204-800-1694

Mark Wasyliw
Manitoba New Democratic Party
Website: https://www.mbndp.ca/mark_wasyliw
Email: mark.wasyliw@mbndp.ca
Phone: 204-421-2201

YOUR Neighbourhood: Whyte Ridge, Linden Ridge

(Whyte Ridge Provincial Boundary MAP)

Brian Pallister
Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party
Website: https://brianpallister4mla.com/
Email: pcmanitoba@pcmanitoba.com
Phone: 204.594.4080

Manitoba Liberal Party – no candidate registered
New Democratic Party – no candidate registered

Federal Election – October 21st – Federal Candidates  

(Winnipeg South Federal Riding MAP)

Terry Duguid
Liberal Party of Canada
Website: https://terryduguid.liberal.ca/
Email: terry.duguid@parl.gc.ca
Phone: 204 -984-6787

Melanie Maher
Conservative Party of Canada
Website: https://melaniemaherwpgsouth.ca/
Email: info@melaniemaherwpgsouth.ca
Phone: 204-891-5929