Brady Resource Management Facility – 2020 Update

Brady Resource Management Facility is a hub of activity and it is important residents have an idea of what is occurring on this site. Brady services all of Winnipeg, but is in close proximity to the neighbourhoods of Waverley West. One year I took a group of interested residents on a tour through the landfill. Much state of the art recycling and composting is occurring and is fascinating. This provides an overview of Frequently Asked Questions, and here are some highlights of activities currently underway:

Active Landfill Sites & Closures

  • Cell 30 (and 31) are not completely closed – there is no more waste being put in either cell – but both cells need vegetative cover  which will be in place by the end of summer. The City will be expanding and installing the landfill gas collection system into Cells 30 and 31 this summer. This expansion will help capture methane and Green House Gases. This might result in two weeks of odour this summer, pending wind direction.

Odour Complaints

  • If you smell an odour that you think is emitting from the landfill, please email  or call 311.  The staff at Brady respond within 24 hours. They have specialized equipment and sensors located throughout the landfill that detect high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide, which causes foul odours. Their detectors are also able to identify the general location where the odour is coming from in the landfill.  The Brady Resource Management Facility must follow Provincial operating legislation and is required to submit a list of odour complaints to the Province for their annual facility report. So if you complain –it will be reported and addressed. I highly recommend if you smell an odour – to report to There are many activities occurring at the landfill and the more aware the staff is related to odour issues, the better they can learn what might be causing an odour and then adjust their disposal operations accordingly.

 Raptor Program

  • The raptor program started in early May this year. From sunrise to sunset Bird Control Officers fly raptors throughout the Brady Landfill to reduce the number of gulls and rodents.

NEW Brady Road Access

  • Current access to Brady Road at the Perimeter will be removed at some point this summer.  Vehicles will access Brady Road through a new upgraded service road that will be tied into Waverley Street. The intersection(Perimeter/Waverley) is a 4-lane signalized intersection complete with a designated left-turn lane for traffic turning south onto Waverley Street. Once the Brady Rd access off the Perimeter  is closed and service road is complete, the 80 km/hr speed limit will be removed and the 100 km/hr speed limit will be reinstated. This construction is expected to be complete by Fall 2020.