2016 Approved Budget Impact – Parks in South Winnipeg-St. Norbert

The list of parks initiatives is funded through City of Winnipeg budget items and also through Parks funding directly allocated to Ward Councillors:

$500,000 La Barriere Park washroom upgrade

  • Details of the much needed washroom upgrade will be announced soon!
  • The City of Winnipeg Naturalists department is overseeing a tall grass prairie restoration project along the south edge of the Park, approx. 300m south of the parking lot. This is a multi-year project that will see the transformation of about 5 acres of weedy, unmaintained grassland into a diverse prairie habitat. When completed, this area will contain 40+ species of grass and wildflowers that will provide valuable habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

$250,000 Kings Park improvements

  • 2016 Fountain upgrade (a well will be installed vs drawing from the Red River)
  • 2016 Pathway and bench upgrades
  • Over 2015-2016, approximately 500 native trees and shrubs will be planted into the areas that were impacted during the riverbank stabilization work.
  • 2017 $600,000 upgrades to be determined as per consultation results

$200,000 Kirkbridge Park improvements

  • New asphalt pathway, trees and bench upgrades

$250,000 Thelma J. Caul Park (Bonnycastle School)

  • Tennis/Pickleball courts

Grandmont Park

  • 2016 Gravel pathway upgrades – Amount of funding to be determined following spring thaw
  • 2017 Asphalt pathway upgrades

$766,000 Reforestation

  • $766,000 for reforestation in each of 2016, 2017 and 2018 for tree replacement and tree pruning. This is double past year’s investments and will significantly support the replacement of trees infected with Back Knot fungus, a problem that is prolific in our ward.
  • We are awaiting the final list of streets indicating where trees will be removed and new plantings will occur in 2016.

Dakota Park

Bishop Grandin Trail West

  • The City of Winnipeg Naturalists Dept. is continuing on the prairie planting project alongside the Bishop Grandin Trail West (located between Pembina and Waverley).   Wildflowers (black eyed susans, heart leaved alexanders, sunflowers and numerous other vibrant wildflowers) were seeded in this area in 2015, and supplementary seeding will be done this spring (NOTE: I have not yet received a funding value for this project).
  • $7,000 bench installations alongside the trail  (to be located between Red River and Pembina, and near Crampton’s Market)

Parc Charette Park  (located at Grandmont and Pembina)

  • An official opening celebration and new park signage.  Details to be announced soon!

Riverbank Stabilization

The budget for riverbank stabilization for the next 5 years is approx. $1 Million annually CITY-WIDE.   Of the ten identified locations slated for riverbank stabilization, two are forecast to occur in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward in future:

  • 3rd on the list: Red River – River Road to Rivergate Drive ($2.9 Million)
  • 8th on the list: Red River – D’Arcy Drive ($3.6 Million)

With a limited annual budget of $1 Million for the entire city, it’s premature to provide a specific timeline for these two projects in our ward.




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