2020 Parks Update

We have many parks and open  greenspaces in the Waverley West ward. Each year Councillors meet with the Parks department and review upgrades that need to occur. In the Waverley West ward, the majority of parks are maintained by the City Parks department, but, some are maintained by the developers who are building the new neighbourhoods.  I will provide a brief update of what projects are occurring this year. IF  you have further questions on any of these projects, or any suggestions to improve our parks and greenspaces, please send them my way. jlukes@winnipeg.ca

Waverley Heights:

  • Lake Albrin Park: pathway upgrades to the trail network
  • Lake Shore Park: pathway repair due to slippage of retention pond banks

Richmond West:

  • Kirkbridge Park: bike rack installations, general clean up after play structure, tree replacements, sidewalk upgrades at Kirkbridge Dr entrance, installation of seating plaza area by Marrington parking lot – more details to come on this beautiful addition
  • Installation of portable washroom

Whyte Ridge:

  • Scurfield Park: pathway upgrades and tree plantings. Additional details here
  • Leon Bell Park: signage upgrades
  • Don Smith Park: accessible swing set is being installed

Linden Ridge:

  • Linden Ridge Park: accessible curb cuts at main entrance to park

Bridgwater Forest:

  • Fountain: small tree planting in fall, and upgrades to the fountain
  • Bridgwater Forest Park: Manitoba Housing is redoing the sod
  • Playstructure repair: the spinning wobbly seats are going to be replaced with something due to being a hazard
  • A small storage shed will be constructed on the parking pad. It will store lawnmowers for the parks department

Bridgwater Lakes:

  • Manitoba Housing is re-sodding the grass around the fountain and across on the soccer fields
  • The goal is to turn the fountain on when all sodding is complete

Bridgwater Trails:

  • Bhaghat Singh Park: Manitoba Housing is repairing baseball diamond, soccer fields and basketball court and hoops
  • Soccer Fields behind Windflower are being installed by Manitoba Housing
  • Rose Lake Court Park: Manitoba Housing is repairing the fountain and bricks

Bridgwater Center:

  • Pick up after your pet signage is being installed along ponds

South Pointe:

  • Jinnah Park:  installation of bike racks, tree plantings and completion of the fire pits is occurring
  • Ecole South Pointe School: K.I.D.S. Inc play area is receiving an upgrade – this area will be open for public use for toddlers

Prairie Pointe:

  • Eaglewood Park is still the responsibility of Ladco and finishing will occur this summer

La Barrière Parc:

  • Cricket field upgrades
  • Kayak launch installation is in the works with hopes of installing this year
  • Additional fire pits and picnic tables