Councillors Lukes and Mayes Announce $600,000 Grant to Dakota Collegiate Alumni Field Project

Many of my constituents in the South Winnipeg-St Norbert Ward either work at or have attended Dakota Collegiate.  I’m proud to be working together with Councillor Brian Mayes to help improve Dakota Collegiate AND the community’s athletic field!

On April 10, 2015 at the Dakota Collegiate Alumni Field Dinner, Councillor Mayes and I will announce a grant of $600,000 to the Louis Riel School Division for the Dakota Collegiate Alumni Field Project.  This grant represents “matching funds” in that an amount up to $600,000 will be disbursed by the City in 2017, if the school is able to match the amount through other donations (government or private).

These funds, approved in the 2015 City of Winnipeg budget, will be sourced from proceeds of the City’s joint housing venture with Qualico’s River Park South residential development, located in South St. Vital.

This is a wonderful initiative for the St. Vital community, offering an enhanced facility for football, field hockey, track and other sports. The Mayor and members of City Council are working to establish a new cooperative relationship with Winnipeg’s school boards, and I am proud to be a part of this great project!

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