Discovering Parks in the Waverley Ward

We have over 248 hectares of parks and open spaces just in the Waverley West ward! That is equivalent to 500 Canadian football fields!!

Some are formalized parks, with park identifications signs, and have amenities such as playstructure, firepits, and shade structures – while other are just natural wide open spaces.  Many many of these parks and open spaces are connected by our outstanding network of pathways and sidewalks.

The pandemic is limiting our activities, but is providing an excellent opportunity for us to get outside and discover some of these great parks and open spaces!


City of Winnipeg Parks Map:

  • Go to the LOCATION tab and enter your address, and enter a 5 or 10  km radius
  • Click on a LEAF to learn the address of the park, the park name and other details about the park or open space


Click on the link to see a Google Map of the location:

University Heights:

Waverley Heights:

Richmond West:

Whyte Ridge:

Linden Ridge:

Bridgwater Forest:

Bridgwater Lakes:

Bridgwater Trails:

Bridgwater Center:

South Pointe:

Prairie Pointe:

Fairfield Park:

Regional Parks