Parks & Greenspace – Updates for 2017-2018 Construction Seasons


Many of these parks projects have been in the consultation and planning process, and now are actually being constructed in 2017! There is much detail that goes into park improvements, and I want to extend much gratitude to the resident groups who volunteer time and effort to help make our parks and greenspaces beautiful, and to the Winnipeg Public Service who coordinate it to make it happen!

This is a high level overview.   A tremendous amount of work has gone into these plans, and I am only capturing the highlights! Please contact me if you have further questions. 


King’s Park (Regional Park) 

In recent past years, riverbank stabilization has occurred, trees were planted and pathways were constructed.  In 2017, there will be some additional enhancements:

  • The iconic arched bridges will be re-constructed to be accessible year-round
  • New benches will replace old ones, and additional benches will be installed along the pathways
  • Fire pits and benches will be installed to replace the old ones
  • Waste receptacles will be replaced
  • Benches on the pagoda will be upgraded
  • On the park waterfall (any ‘fountain/waterfall-pump’ projects seem to be a challenge in Winnipeg), much progress has been made and it has been determined that a ‘closed loop’ system will be installed.  This system will be using an underground tank to re-circulate water vs using the saline well water that is found in the area. I anticipate the fountain to be working by late summer, 2017.  We are making progress – albeit painfully slow – but progress nonetheless!
  • On the dog park area, I had an excellent meeting this spring with dog owners who use the park. The city is working with the King’s Park Dog Association to determine a location for shade trees to be planted on the off-leash hill area.  The City has a master dog plan in the works, and it was determined we would wait to review those recommendations before proceeding with any new amenities. There was a very strong contingent of folks that did NOT want to see fencing in such a natural area.

King's Park bridge sketch

King's Park firepits


Kirkbridge Park (Neighbourhood Park)

After some internal departmental challenges last year, I’m more than pleased to see this project proceeding in 2017.  Construction should be starting within weeks. There is a map on site at Kirkbridge Park with details of the enhancements.  Here’s a summary:

  • Pathway upgrades
  • New connecting pathway
  • Distance markers so people know how far they are walking
  • New benches and tree plantings will be installed
  • New signage is being installed
  • A cement pad will be installed this year.  This fall or early spring, 2018, we will see the installation of a shade structure, supported by the South Asian Seniors Association–Winnipeg South
  • Huge thanks to the volunteer members of the Richmond West Neighbourhood Association for providing excellent guidance and their patience on this project!

Kirkbridge Park shelter


Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater

There’s a lot going on in this rapidly developing community – so much so, that we’ve created a webpage.  SEE Bridgwater Forest


Justin Einarson Memorial Skateboard Park

Following much discussion with local skateboarders, a number of enhancements will be installed this summer:

  • A light standard on a timer will be installed
  • Additional work will be done on the granular pathway to convert some to asphalt, thus preventing those irritating pieces of gravel that pop up when skateboarding


Dalhousie Park

In partnership with the incredible Parent Advisory Council at Dalhousie School and the Pembina Trails School Division, funding support is being used to create one more playstructure for the park/playground area. This is a huge undertaking, and I am overwhelmed at the amount of work the volunteers with the Parent Advisory Council have invested in making this a wonderful area for school children and the entire community. Thank you so much!


Grandmont and Ducharme Parks (Neighbourhood Park)

In 2017, a number of projects will be completed:

  • The forest pathway is being converted to granular limestone, and a section of other pathways is being replaced
  • Invasive trees will be removed
  • A section of pathway located west of Grandmont Avenue will be made accessible by leveling the sloped ground
  • Benches will be installed in a variety of areas along the larger pathway network that weaves by retention ponds


Thelma Caul Park (beside École R.H.G. Bonnycastle School)

The tennis/pickle ball courts are now complete, and the much needed soccer pitch renovation will be starting shortly.  École R.H.G. Bonnycastle School is upgrading the playground, and I’ve been working with the Parent Advisory Council on plans. I expect we will have a tree planting this fall, with more good things to come in 2018!


Glengarry Park (Neighbourhood Park)

Located alongside the Bishop Grandin Trail and beside d’Arcy Drive, approximately 100 trees have already been planted.  Benches are planned for installation in 2018.


Henteleff Park

Funding support is enabling the Friends of Henteleff Park to continue naturalizing the park and upgrading the pathways.  This park, located at the south end of St. Mary’s Road and is a hidden, ecological gem. I highly encourage you to visit the park to enjoy the incredible work accomplished by so many volunteers.  Thank you!


New Community Garden in Fort Richmond

We have just opened a new community garden in Fort Richmond!  I worked closely with residents as well as the City Parks Department to establish this much needed amenity, and there is still some garden plots available for rental!   There’s nothing quite like home grown veggies on your kitchen table!


École St. Norbert Immersion School Playground – COMPLETED!

While this is not a formal City park, this playground is a public space for the entire community to use. Located on the banks of the La Salle River, this natural playground has been 7+ years in the making!  Led by outstanding designer and ecologist, Sam Braun, and the Parent Advisory Council, this playground has been transformed into a magical, natural area. It is located behind the school, and is an absolute gem for anyone wishing to experience a unique playground!


La Barrière Park (Regional Park)

While this park isn’t ‘technically’ located in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward – or the City for that matter –  I feel it is a St. Norbert park and responsibility. In 2015, I held an open house to obtain feedback from the community, and a top priority was new washrooms.

  • Funding was secured and a washroom design (modeled after other provincial washrooms) has been developed, with running water and flush toilets using a septic tank system.  The City’s Parks Department indicated that they expect the washroom to be completed in late fall, 2017.
  • Broken fire pits will be removed with the goal of installing new fire pits in 2018.

 la barriere park washrooms



The City of Winnipeg can fund and physically work on only a certain number of parks each year.  Planned enhancements for the next construction season in 2018 will be made to a number of other parks in our ward.  Please watch my website – I’ll be sharing more details as soon as they are available!

Dakota Park Pathway

A detailed plan has been developed to construct a pathway connecting Okalita Park to Dakota Park.

Lakeshore Park Pathway

Upgrades to the pathway system in Lakeshore Park in Waverley Heights are planned to occur, along with the installation of new benches.

Van Hull Estates Park

I’m working with the Van Hull Residents Association to install new saucer swings. Details are being worked out and I want to thank the residents for being so diligent in helping this project move along and for caring for their community so passionately!

École South Pointe School

The Parent Advisory Council is working on a plan to enhance their playground, and I am supporting them with funding and expertise! This should be quite a play area when all the details are in place!



Regrettably, the operating budget for parks maintenance was not increased in 2017 – see details at Parks Maintenance.  This concerns me, as I strongly believe parks and greenspaces are very important to our quality of life.  I will continue working to secure additional funding for parks maintenance in the City’s 2018 operating budget.