Protecting Waterfront Greenspace – 409 Mulvey Ave East

Development and Waterfront Greenspace

I am not supportive of selling waterfront lands. SEE: Lukes’ presentation to Mayor and his Executive Policy Committee

We can have both development and waterfront greenspace if done properly – which would require time and planning (see conceptual diagram below).

Cities throughout the world look toward their waterfronts to forge their identity. Whether it’s Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Toronto, San Francisco or Halifax – urban waterfronts added character, raise the “quality of life” and contributed to each city’s tax base.  Between 2011 – 2014 The City of Winnipeg, in partnership with The Forks, and community members, created a planning document – looking at a long term vision and possibilities for our waterfronts.

January 29, 2014 Council endorsed the “Go to the Waterfront” Planning Strategy in principle as a tool to support waterfront development for the City of Winnipeg.

Sale of Waterfront Greenspace – 409 Mulvey Ave East

There is a complex history of land trades, departmental use, and allocations of proceeds from land sale on the waterfront piece of land currently up for sale at 409 Mulvey.

See City Report: Sale of City-owned Property – 409 Mulvey Avenue East

Through all the complexity involved, note that in the  mid 1990’s, the property was acquired by the City through a land exchange. The acquisition was in response to a policy directive to acquire lands for public purposes as part of the riverbank parkway network – and it was then, that the property was placed under the jurisdiction of parks and open spaces.

  • When land is placed under the jurisdiction of parks and open spaces – it requires a 2/3 vote of Council to sell a park or open space.  11 members of Council.

On February 27, 2013, Council declared the Subject City Property surplus to the City’s needs.

A developer has submitted an offer to purchase the land to build a multifamily development with commercial on the main level, and committed to protecting the pathway.  Because this is under the jurisdiction of parks and open spaces – it will require 11 Councillors to be in support of the land sale.

At the May 18th, 2022 meeting of the Executive Policy Committee, 4 members of Council voted to sell the waterfront greenspace land for the purposes of development.

  • Mayor Bowman
  • Councillors Browaty, Gilroy and Allard

The remaining members of Council vote on the land sale at Council meeting on May 27th, 2021

It is important to note that if the land is sold, the City of Winnipeg retains the South Winnipeg Parkway path – though it is on the edge of a failing riverbank that will require millions in stabilization.

I encourage you to read my presentation to understand how we can have both development and greenspace – and encourage you to reach out to the remaining Councillors and ask them to vote against selling the waterfront lands. See Councillor Contacts