Public Greenspace

Please know I am acutely aware of the importance of protecting green space and will do all I can to ensure greenspace is protected, and made available for public use.

For years prior to being elected, and now in this role – I’ve worked to protect greenspace – here are a few highlights:

As Winnipeg Trails Coordinator for almost 10 years, I worked with trail groups throughout the city to protect and expand green corridors – to name a few:

  • Bishop Grandin Greenway
  • Save our Seine -River Corridor
  • Duff Roblin Greenway
  • Pollock Island
  • Northeast Pioneers Greenway

I’ve worked to develop bio-retention systems and raingardens to assist in protecting Lake Winnipeg:

  • St Norbert Farmer’s Market
  • Ecole St Avila
  • Bishop Grandin Greenway Raingardens

In 2006-2008

  • I lobbied City Hall on many occasions to ensure extensive greenspace and pathways be incorporated into the Manitoba Housing lands that are now known as The Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater.

And recently I brought forward this motion to increase public park space to ensure a higher percentage of greenspace is incorporated into new developments.

I’ve fundraised and organized tree planting events with many organizations over the past 20 years and planted thousands of trees throughout the City of Winnipeg.

Protecting green space for public use is very important to me. I will await to see the public services report.

Thank you!