Responsible Pet Ownership

My office is receiving an incredibly high number of calls related to dogs running loose with no leashes, and owners not picking up pooch poos! We love our furry animals, but we have to be responsible owners and respectful of other people. There are more and more people using our parks and greenspaces because of the pandemic. Many families with young children are out and about exploring. There is nothing more upsetting than having your child step in pooch poo  – this can be very hazardous to people health. Also having a loose pooch run up to your child with no owner in sight can cause much distress.  This can be said for adults also!

More and more people are taking ownership of pets and loving these furry animals, which is wonderful – BUT – please be a responsible pet owners.

If you see irresponsible behaviour, you must contact 311 or The City’s Animal Services department will come out and patrol the area. I can’t stress enough that if you want to see enforcement – you must contact 311.