Schubert Chokecherry Removal and Replacement in 2015

On May 25, 2015,  I held a community town hall in partnership with Councillor Mayes (St. Vital ward) to discuss Black Knot Fungus which is affecting many south Winnipeg trees.  We had the City Forester attend and provide a presentation on Winnipeg’s urban forest, as well as how to deal with trees infected with Black Knot.  I encourage you to review the town hall presentation (Black Knot Town Hall Meeting May 25, 2015), as it is very informative and provides excellent information on trees in Winnipeg.

There are approximately 1,256 trees infected with black knot in the South Winnipeg – St. Norbert ward.  These trees are being replaced annually, and the pace of replacement is subject to budget allocations.  I will be working to ensure that this critical program receives annual funding. I encourage you to call other Councillors for their support as well.  Budget increases for programs often occur when there is a majority of Councillors supporting an initiative.

As an alternate option, property owners may arrange to personally hire a qualified contractor to remove City-owned trees located on boulevards and in parks.   Note that you must use a pre-qualified contractor. For complete details on this program, please SEE HERE   


UPDATE: Schubert Chokecherry Removal and Replacements in South Winnipeg–St. Norbert Ward 

  • 115 trees in the South Winnipeg-St Norbert Ward will be replaced in 2015. This represents just over 1/3 of the trees being replaced in the City of Winnipeg this year.
  • The number of replacements is less than the number of removals because the original location of the Schubert chokecherry planted by area developers may no longer fit the City Forester’s criteria for site conditions, as something in the site may have changed over time (new signage installation, transit station, etc.).  The City of Winnipeg generally tries to balance out replacements by identifying planting sites elsewhere in the community at another time when planting in those other locations.


ADDRESS                                                                         REMOVAL     REPLACEMENT

Point West Dr Schubert Removal/replacement #1                27                       20

Point West Dr Schubert Removal/replacement #2                25                       20

Point West Dr Schubert Removal/replacement #3                22                       14

Point West Dr Schubert Removal/replacement #4                11                       10

Point West Way Schubert Removal/replacement                  10                       7

Harbour Bay, Whalers Cove, Brentlawn Bv Schubert            22                       16

Braeside Pl and Point West WAY Schubert removal              25                       15

Chancery Bay Schubert Removal/replacement                       19                       13


It is difficult to provide a time frame for the tree planting process, as the service is highly dependent on a number of variables:

  • Once City of Winnipeg Urban Forestry technicians compile the proposed planting packages, they submit the locations to the appropriate utilities for underground clearances.   The length of time for the the City to receive a response from the utility companies varies, depending upon the utility district and their volume of work.
  • As soon as utility clearances are received by the City, it’s “go” time for the planting crew to complete that package while the clearance is valid (a period of 10 days).
  •  Depending on the weather conditions, the Urban Forestry Department traditionally suspends planting for a short period in late July and in August if Winnipeg is experiencing an extended period of very hot and dry conditions.  Such climate conditions are not conducive to successful transplanting, and result in a poor chance of survival for the tree.



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