Setting & Delivering on Expectations

The City’s Parks department has been reorganizing roles, responsibilities and communication protocol with its staff over the past 5 months. During this process, three key projects in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward have been negatively impacted.

The unfortunate part of this ‘re-org’ is that expectations for these  projects were set by the department, and I in turn shared those expectations with residents. When expectations are not delivered on, residents look to the person who set those expectations with them – which in all cases is myself.  I am sorry for any disappointment on non-delivery of these projects this year. I was extremely disappointed that my expectations were also not met.

The Parks Director and City’s Chief Operating Officer have assured me improvements are being made within the Parks department related to their ability to set expectations and delivery on key projects:

  1. Kirkbridge Park Upgrades:  Clearly, none of the Kirkbridge Park upgrades discussed with the Parks Department (and which I have committed funding to) have occurred.  I have been assured they will begin construction in summer, 2017.
  2. Ecole St. Germain Playground Hill:  No approvals – yet.
  3. Water Fountain at Kings Park: The recent Sou’Wester article does a fine job of explaining this project delay

Again, I apologize for any disappointment caused. These are great projects that will occur next year.