October 7 Open House – Next Steps on King’s Park Upgrades

On May 5 and June 17, 2015, I hosted consultations with the community to gather your ideas on improving King’s Park. We’ve compiled the feedback from those meetings, and included additional comments which our office has received through residents’ emails and phone calls.  To view this feedback, visit King’s Park Community Feedback 2015.  After reviewing this feedback, if you feel something is missing and would like to provide input, please E-Mail your comments to jlukes@winnipeg.ca.


I am holding these consultations because I would like to understand the improvements/upgrades that YOU would like to see occur in King’s Park now and in the coming years. As I embark on my 4-year term as your City Councillor, I would like to have clear direction on your priorities related to our parks infrastructure.


NEXT STEPS:  The raw data which was collected is in the process of being reviewed by the City of Winnipeg Parks Department. They are analyzing residents’ feedback and preparing a draft King’s Park plan which includes timelines and budgets.  The plan will take into account City of Winnipeg “park best practices”;  short, medium and long term park goals; and the City’s maintenance abilities.


ATTEND THE OCTOBER 7, 2015 OPEN HOUSE:   Please join me for an open house at the library within Ecole St. Avila on Wednesday, October 7 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., to review proposed upgrades for King’s Park. At the open house, residents will be invited to view display boards showing how the City’s Parks Planners have applied the community feedback towards developing a draft plan/timeline/budget for the park. It is important to note that the concepts which will be presented at the October open house will be in draft form, and will still be open to residents’ input. 


Following the October 7th Open House, we will finalize the park plan, and set out to secure funding for the phases of upgrades/improvements. Having a plan for King’s Park is important for both residents and the City of Winnipeg Parks Department, as it sets directions, timelines, goals and enables funding opportunities.


Thank you for contributing to this process!



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