Feasibility Study – Waverley West Recreation Campus

REPORT DELAYED:  The feasibility study on the proposed Waverley West Recreation Campus has been deferred again.  Rather than mid-October, the report is expected in mid-November.

City Administration is to provide a full report to the Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development with respect to undertaking a regional community recreation campus feasibility study in SW Winnipeg.  Originally anticipated for September 15 (see Recreation Campus – Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development Agenda September 15, 2015), this feasibility study has been deferred to the Committee’s next meeting on November 10, 2015.

I’ve been working weekly on this important initiative and attending meetings with all relevant departments. This is a very large project with many partners and stakeholders, a first of its kind for Winnipeg.  I anticipate continued, positive movement forward when this report comes forward to the Committee.

If you would like to watch the Committee meeting on November 10, using live streaming video on your computer, please visit Watch Council & Committee Meetings on the City’s web site.



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