Funding & Progress Update – South Winnipeg Recreation Complex

This is a very brief update on the South Winnipeg Recreation Complex, with a more in-depth one to follow next month.

The map highlights locations of community centers across Winnipeg, as well as the square footage of heated recreation space (See *NOTE).

November 6, 2017:  Request for $30M in 2018-2022 Budget

  • On November 6, I made a presentation at the Standing Policy Committee on Protection, Community Services and Parks with a formal request to include $30M in the City’s Capital Budget over the next five years.
  • Much planning is occurring related to purchasing land for a recreation centre, developing a business case, discussions with stakeholders, developing land use, transportation underground services and more.
  • Full build out of Waverley West is anticipated at 40,000 people (similar population as the City of Brandon).
  • High level cost estimates of a regional recreation complex for the SW quadrant of Winnipeg range between $60 – $150M.  It is anticipated other levels of government and private support will contribute to the cost of the recreation complex.
  • Previous City Councils have not properly planned for development of a recreation complex in the SW quadrant of the city as no land was set aside, and there was no funding for design and building.
  • I have secured $4.1M to purchase land in 2016. Negotiations are underway.
  • Following the City’s Recreation Policy using the ‘Space to Population ratio’, combined with projected growth in the ward over the next 10 years, it is estimated the SW quadrant of the City requires FIVE community centers similar in size to Waverley Heights or Richmond Kings Community Centres … or alternatively, a super centre of approx. 110,000 to 140,000 sq. ft.
  • Today, I requested $30M be included in the City’s capital budget over the next 5 years to support development of this recreation complex.  While we have not reached detailed design for a centre, we know significant funding will be required and we should be planning for this investment in future budgets.

NEXT STEPS: The committee referred the $30M request to the 2018 budget process. It is critical we see funding allocated in future years for a recreation complex. We know we have to build a complex; we need to be budgeting accordingly.  The Mayor and his Executive Policy Committee, and the Deputy and Acting Mayor are crafting the 2018 budget and 5 year projects. Clearly the need is demonstrated. It is anticipated a DRAFT City budget will be released late November, 2017.


November 6, 2017:  $125,000 to South Winnipeg Community Center for Planning

  • I made a Motion that $125,000 of ward funding be allocated to the South Winnipeg Community Centre to assist in the planning of the South Winnipeg Recreation Complex.
  • Although I had secured funding for the City Planning Department to issue Requests for Proposals to initiate a planning process, two Requests for Proposals were flawed and were cancelled.
  • The South Winnipeg Community Centre team is now going to lead the planning process in partnership with professional firms and the City will be offering support vs leading.

NEXT STEPS:  The South Winnipeg Community Centre will be engaging a planner in the next few weeks to formalize a business plan, design and refined budget for the recreation complex.


*NOTE:  See Recreation Deficit Map – South West Winnipeg

Twelve years ago, in 2005, the population of Winnipeg was served by an average of 1.88 square feet of recreation space per person.

  • The “space to population ratio” simply divides the amount of heated square footage by the population of the district.
  • This includes the total heated square footage of community centre space plus the total square footage of City of Winnipeg recreation and leisure space and senior centres.

Following this policy, and with the current and anticipated growth for Southwest Winnipeg, the square feet of recreation space per person is:

  • 2005:   1.71 sq. ft recreation space per person for the Riel Community Committee area, and neighbourhoods serviced by Richmond Kings, Waverley Heights and St. Norbert Community Centres.  This was BEFORE a shovel went in the ground for the Waverley West development.
  • 2016:     .67 sq ft recreation space per person for the South Winnipeg Community Centre catchment area (in yellow)
  • 2022:     .53 recreation space per person  for the South Winnipeg Community Centre catchment area (in yellow)