Looking for Local Leaders – Exciting Volunteer Opportunities!

South Winnipeg Community Center

Annual General Meeting

Date: Monday, September 13th

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Waverley Heights Community Center,  1885 Chancellor Drive


Southwest Winnipeg is growing and growing fast! Over the last 4 years, just over 40,000 people moved to Winnipeg, of which 27% (11,000+ people) moved into the Waverley West ward! Families from all over the world are settling in the community, meeting new neighbours and discovering local amenities.  As City Councillor for the area, I’m engaged with many local organizations and like to bring awareness to opportunities where residents can become involved in the community. Resident involvement makes for a stronger, safer, healthier community.

The South Winnipeg Community Centre (SWCC) is evolving to support the increased recreation needs and growing multi-cultural population in Southwest Winnipeg. The Center consists of two older facilities, located in Waverley Heights and in Fort Richmond. The SWCC facilities and sports fields are owned by the City of Winnipeg. Operations are overseen by a board of directors, and hired staff. All City of Winnipeg Community Centers follow guidelines set out by the General Council of Winnipeg Community Centers. Residents who live in the catchment area – or neighbourhoods identified in the attached map, are considered ‘members of the center, can vote at the Annual General Meeting and can serve on the Board of Directors.

New sports and activities are being added to support the growing diverse community, new facilities are being planned and constructed, and plans are underway for a new recreational campus (see video of new center)!

The South Winnipeg Community Center is seeking keen volunteers to join their board!  This is a great opportunity to learn more about the community – you will strengthen your leadership and organizational skills, and you will be part of a very exciting time in the development of recreation in Southwest Winnipeg. Board members oversee operations of the two existing facilities – located in Waverley Heights and Richmond Kings, and will be involved in the planning and development of the new recreation campus.



  • Volunteer Board Term: One year
  • Estimated Time Commitment:  One board meeting a month, and depending on position or special projects, an additional 3-5 hours a month. Of course, more volunteer time is welcome if you want to offer.
  • Training: Training and orientation for each position will be provided by the Community Centre and through the General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres organization. Volunteer Manitoba also offers training if board members are interested. In addition, through the City of Winnipeg’s Newcomer Welcome and Inclusion Policy, Immigration Partnership Winnipeg is delivering Anti-Racism in Sports training for all board members.
  • Positions Available: See list below. These are elected positions that come available every year at the Annual General Meeting (as per Article 11 in the Constitution). Some people seek re-election, some people volunteer for the one-year term. All positions are open for election.
  • Election: The election for these positions occurs on Monday, September 13th, at the Annual General Meeting.  Voting for a candidate must be done in person. Covid protocols will be in place.
  • Who Can Vote? You must reside in the South Winnipeg catchment area to be eligible to vote – see image representing the neighbourhoods in the catchment.
  • Location of Election: Waverley Heights Community Center, 1885 Chancellor Drive
  • How to Put Your Name Forward for a Position: If you are interested in a volunteer position, and want your name to stand for election at the September 13th Annual General Meeting , you must notify a member of the Nominating Committee 7 days before the AGM. See Nominating Committee contacts below.
  • Constitution: You can review details of the current South Winnipeg Community Center constitution.  Pinnacle HR has been hired and is currently undertaking a review to update the governance model and the constitution. Updates are anticipated and will be reviewed by the new Board.

To put your name forward to be on the ballot, please notify Jodi Friesen, Chair of the Nominating Committee.

If you have additional questions, contact:

Members of the Nomination Committee:

 For questions, you can also contact:




  • Shall have general active management of the business of the corporation; shall preside at all meetings of the Center; shall see that orders and resolutions of The Board are carried out; sign cheques drawn in accordance with the Center’s constitution and all documents and papers that require his / her signature to properly authenticate them; perform other duties as prescribed by The Board.

1st Vice President:

  • Shall act as President in his/her absence. Shall be responsible for special projects; will assist with carrying out orders and resolutions of The Board to run the Centre.

2nd Vice President:

  • Shall act as President in his/her absence. Shall be responsible for special projects; will assist with carrying out orders and resolutions of The Board to run the Centre.


  • Shall draw cheques for payment of all claims against the Centre that have approved for payment. Shall keep proper books of accounts and papers which shall be supplied by the Centre and be the property of the Centre. Shall at each Executive meeting present a financial statement. Shall have the accounts ready for examination by the Executive at the close of each fiscal year and at such times as they shall require and demand. Shall make to the Annual General Meeting a full correctly printed report. Accounting skills are desired for this position.


  • Shall keep a correct record of the proceedings of the meetings, shall read all communications, reports, petitions, etc. Shall prepare for each member of the Executive a copy of the minutes of the meetings within one week after the close of each meeting. Shall notify members of appointment on committees and of regular and special meetings. Shall conduct the correspondence of the Center and shall keep a record of names, addresses and phone numbers of the Executive. Shall supply the City of Winnipeg and/or General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres with a list of the Executive and phone numbers. Shall update and submit the annual insurance inventory to the Parks and Recreation department – General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres

 Three Directors at Large Positions:

  • Each shall be responsible for participation on special projects.
  • These role could include supporting marketing, communication, special events, sporting events, advisory positions on the new recreation campus, etc. They are really the ‘other duties as assigned’ opportunities for a growing community center.