Preparing for a New Recreation Campus

The site of the new recreation campus is currently a big open field. No roads, no water, no sewer, no lights, no drainage – just a big field of prairie grasses!  While it is a rare gift to be able to plan a new recreation campus on an open field with few space constraints, it does add another layer to the overall timeline! Planning where roads, pipes, drainage and all the infrastructure required for any development takes time!

The City of Winnipeg is undertaking a process to develop a secondary plan by-law for the area known as Waverley West Neighbourhood ‘B’. Waverley West Neighbourhood ‘B’ is one of seven neighbourhoods in the Waverley West area of southwest Winnipeg and is bound by Kenaston Boulevard, the Bison Drive extension, Waverley Street and the north limit of South Pointe.

The secondary plan is a process that helps determine where roads, water and sewer pipes, drainage and more will be placed. This is also the area where Pembina Trails is anticipating building a new high school and elementary school AND is where the new recreation facility will be constructed. I secured funding for this planning initiative two years ago and the planning process is finally underway!  Many meetings are being held with land owners, businesses, the South Winnipeg Community Centre, Pembina Trails School Division and more. This is a HUGE and CRITICAL step towards the construction of a recreation complex and schools.

I am working very closely with all involved and the City has set up an excellent website to provide information on the process. Please see: Waverley West Neighbhourhood ‘B’ Secondary Plan