Report on South Winnipeg Recreation Campus

The long awaited report highlighting details around the South Winnipeg Recreation campus is now available! To see the report, visit:

Regional Campus Implementation Strategy SPC on Property and Development Nov 20, 2015


HIGHLIGHTS of Report’s Recommendations:

  • $350,000 be allocated to:
    • Planning a concept for the recreation campus
    • Initiate a secondary planning process for the area lands
    • Consult with the community to develop a conceptual site plan AND partnership agreements.
  • Funding to enable the purchase of land be identified in the 2016 Capital budget process,
  • The Director of Planning, Property and Development be authorized to negotiate to acquire land for the South Winnipeg Recreation Campus.



Regional Campus – Consultation Report

A preliminary study of the need and interest for a South Winnipeg Recreation complex was conducted in 2014. This study contributed to the Public Service’s recommendations.

  • This is an EXCELLENT report and provides details on what is being proposed, potential partners, facility details, potential site location and more. I highly encourage you to read this report!
  • Learn about similar concepts being built in Calgary, around a school, including a library, and more:

WHY does South Winnipeg need a new recreation facility ?

  • City of Winnipeg policy recommends a ratio of 1.8 sq. feet  of recreation space per person (Recreation Leisure and Library Facilities Policy)
  • In 2009, the Greater Council of Winnipeg Community Centre’s report identified that a shortage of recreation space already existed in South Winnipeg!
  • With the rapid growth in South Winnipeg and when the Waverley West community is complete (approx. 5 yrs), the ratio is estimated to be  .95 sq feet of recreation space per person.
  • To service the recreation requirements of South Winnipeg, 3.5 stand-alone community centers would have to be built, or a larger recreation complex would have to be built. One large complex is being recommended.




Recommendations from the Public Service will be presented to the Standing Policy Committee on Property Planning and Development on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 9:00 am in the West Committee Room at City Hall, 510 Main Street.

  • If you are interested in speaking to this report and supporting the recommendations (or not), please register in advance by contacting  Andrew Poitras, Senior Committee Clerk:  phone 204-986-6170 or E-Mail
  • You will have 10 minutes to present.
  •  I will be at the meeting, presenting and supporting the report’s recommendations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office for additional information.



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