Funding Request Submitted to Provincial & Federal Governments for South Winnipeg Recreation Campus

A formal funding request for construction of the South Winnipeg Recreation Campus has been submitted to the Provincial and Federal governments. YOU can encourage our local representatives, MLA Jon Reyes, and MP Terry Duguid to work with their political parties to provide the requested funding so we can proceed with construction of the recreation campus.

The City submitted the ICIP funding request in September 2019 seeking:

  • $20M from the Province of Manitoba
  • $24M from the Government of Canada
  • See details in Council Report

Since I was elected in 2014, and with unanimous support of City Council throughout every step of the process, I’ve worked collaboratively to:

  • Secure 19 acres of land for the recreation campus
  • Secure funding for, and participated with landowners in a ~14 month planning process (Area Structure Plan) to lay out the ‘bones’ (streets, zoning, etc.) of the Waverley West ‘B’ Neighbourhood, where the new recreation campus will be located.
  • Secure $26M in City funding, with huge support from the residents of WW, to put towards Phase One of the recreation campus
  • Support with all of Council (unanimous support) an application to the Provincial and Federal governments for additional funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP)

We now await a decision from these levels of government. I encourage residents to contact MLA Jon Reyes and MP Terry Duguid seeking their funding support.