Two New Schools To Be Constructed Alongside New Recreation Campus In South Winnipeg

The Province of Manitoba’s 2018 Budget is announcing the construction of TWO new schools in South Winnipeg! These two schools will be constructed on Pembina Trails School Division land in the area of Waverley West B (in the approximate area of the grain elevators just off north bound Kenaston). The schools will be a:

  • K-8 school
  • Grade 9-12 school

I am very pleased to have worked collaboratively with representatives from the Province of Manitoba to discuss the impact of growth in South Winnipeg, and then to ultimately lift the development cap to enable funding support for the construction of not one, but TWO schools!

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO the leadership of the:

  • Bridgwater Forest Neighbourhood Association
  • Bridgwater Lakes Neighbourhood Association
  • Bridgwater Trails Neighbourhood Association
  • South Pointe Residents Group
  • Manitoba Homebuilders Association

Holding and then lifting the building cap so the Province could proceed with both schools was a critical discussion point with all these organizations. I am so very proud of the thoughtful and trusting leadership within the residents’ associations and the Manitoba Homebuilders Association in working through the building cap issue. Much discussion, many, many meetings and a lot of sleepless nights. BUT, by working together we have enabled the Province to proceed in building two new schools! Much gratitude for your support on this issue and for your trust in me.


  • The Province of Manitoba who recognizes the tremendous growth occurring in South Winnipeg and is focused on our future.
  • Pembina Trails School Division for working with the Province and so many parent and community groups in discussing catchment areas the need for more schools.
  • South Winnipeg Recreation Centre President and Board for working so collaboratively with Provincial and City elected officials on concept of a Recreation and Education Campus!

These schools will be build on land located DIRECTLY beside land the City is in the process of acquiring (through expropriation) for the new recreation campus. The City and Province will collaborate the design and placement of the new schools AND recreation facilities to maximize use of shared services and leverage economies of scale. This is a very rare opportunity to build a regional recreation AND education campus where students and the community can come together to use facilities.