Update On South Winnipeg Recreation Campus

This is a very active file and I will provide you with a brief update.  Many significant steps have occurred to prepare the land, secure servicing, funding and planning of the complex. BUT there are also many many ‘moving parts’ that still have to be confirmed. If you have any questions – please feel free to contact me: jlukes@winnipeg.ca

Waverley West Secondary Planning Process (2016-2019)


  • The site of the recreation campus is currently a prairie field, with no road access, water, sewer, electrical – essentially no services.
  • To develop a site for the campus and two new schools, the City requires a ‘Secondary Plan’
  • Funding for this planning process was secured in 2016 and the planning process started in 2017
  • It is anticipated that the planning process will be completed by spring of 2019
  • No development can occur in the area until the planning process is complete
  • Please note the school lands are now located on the east side of the recreation campus lands

Construction Of Two New Schools Announced (2018)

  • The Provincial government announced two new schools would be constructed and are aiming to break ground in 2019 with an estimated opening in 2021
  • Roads have to be constructed to access the site, along with water, sewer, drainage, electrical and more
  • There are extensive discussions ongoing with both the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba looking at opportunities for ‘shared use’ facilities  – of the schools and the recreation complex– which would reduce taxpayer costs
  • At this date (Jan 3) the Province has not issued an Request for Proposals to construct but am anticipating one will be issued shortly

Acquire Land For Recreation Campus (2018)

  • Approx 20+ acres were secured through the extensive expropriation process (location identified on map as ‘R’)
  • The motion to expropriate was passed at Council May 2018

Fire Hall & Maintenance Yard – Requesting Land In Proximity

  • Discussion are occurring to explore options of incorporation a Fire Hall and Maintenance Yard in close proximity to the Recreation Campus and schools
  • These sites/facilities are not initially planned into a community but come forward via requests from the respective departments

Recreation Campus Plans

The Braid Report (2014)

  • A Consultant was commissioned to hold consultations and make recommendations on a series of options for the South Winnipeg Recreation Campus  – the Braid Report provides a comprehensive overview of potential options, high level budgets and overall community support for a facility

Feasibility Study (2018)

  • Gibbs Gage Architects have been secured to provide City of Winnipeg direction on the South Winnipeg Recreation Campus – a recent feasibility study was conducted by Gibbs Gage for a rec complex in north east Winnipeg and discussions for the design/planning process of the South Winnipeg Campus are occurring weekly.

Shared Use Facilities

  • I’ve toured Recreation Campus’s in Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary. Some of these facilities were brand new, the facility in Ottawa was almost 25 years old
  • The high schools were connected to the Public Library, the skating rinks and pools were connected to the high school for shared use
  • Parking lots and park and rides were shared by the high school, elementary schools and recreation campus facilities
  • Shared use facilities are not a new concept in Canada or the US for that matter – just new to Winnipeg.

 YMCA-YWCA In Recreation Campus (2014)

  • Council approve a grant to the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg in 2014 of $1.75 million, contingent on the City, the Province of Manitoba and the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg agreeing to cost share
  • The City include in its 2015 and 2016 budgets, amounts of $4.667 million and $5.25 million respectively for its one-third share of  the first facility in the South West part of the City of Winnipeg (over and above the 2014 amount of $1.75 million noted above);
  • The YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg has completed its market feasibility study and is now in discussions with the City of Winnipeg on next steps.

Budget For Recreation Campus

  • A Class 5 budget of approximately $100 M is being projected for the Campus, YM-YWCA, Library and potentially two arenas.
  • Currently the City has approximately $23M  committed towards the project in the budget and is in discussion with other levels of government. (budget below)
  • An election commitment by Mayor Bowman acknowledged the need for a recreation campus, and a desire to allocate $4M in impact fees (Noting that this funding is not confirmed in any budget)
  • Federal Member of Parliament Terry Duguid publicly acknowledges this project is his number 1 priority to fund

In Summary

  • There are many moving parts to this project and I along with the South Winnipeg Action Team, the South Winnipeg Community Centre, and many others are working to move this forward. Recreation is a City of Winnipeg responsibility and the City must lead on this project.
  • My concerns are focused around:
    • the COORDINATION of construction of the schools and recreation campus to ensure the facility ends up as a SHARED USE facility – thereby saving taxpayers unnecessary costs.  I see this as one of the largest hurdles, as shared use facilities are a new concept to Winnipeg that can present challenges to partners. The timing of the school’s anticipated completion date and the funding allocated in the City budget for the campus do not align. The schools are fully funded and must proceed – the recreation complex is not yet fully funded and the City will be looking to partners
    • Funding is clearly a concern, though I fully anticipate this campus will be constructed in phases. Currently there is no additional projected funding in the budget

2019 will be a defining year for many aspects of the recreation campus. I will post regular updates.