Update: Recreation Campus In South Winnipeg

The site of the new recreation campus is currently a big open field. No roads, no water, no sewer, no lights, no drainage – just a big field of prairie grasses!  While it is a rare gift to be able to plan a new recreation campus on an open field with few space constraints, it does add another layer to the overall timeline! Planning where roads, pipes, drainage and all the infrastructure required for any development takes time! For additional details on the  planning of roads and pipes, etc. see this excellent slide presentation

But in spite of all of this – we’ve made very significant progress over the past four years, and are reaching major milestones in the development of the South Winnipeg Recreation Campus:

  • Formation of South Winnipeg Action Team (SWAT) with broad community representation guiding overall recreation campus development process,
  • 20 acres of raw farmland land secured,
  • Planning of roads, underground services, drainage, sewer and water is occurring,
  • Site plan design of campus incorporating two new schools is occurring in partnership with Province of Manitoba, Pembina Trails School Division
  • $12 Million secured to leverage additional funding from Provincial and Federal government funding programs
  • Ongoing dialogue with Federal and Provincial partners on additional funding support.

Fall 2018 there will be another public open house to review the Neighbourhood Area B Structure Plans (showing where new roads, drainage and pipes will be installed) and once this plan is approved (anticipated early 2019) developers and planners can begin more detailed site plans for building placements, parking lots, etc.

My top priority is to continue accelerating development and construction of the South Winnipeg Recreation Campus.