Community Takes ACTION on Rental Housing

As you are aware, I have committed to and am taking action on a very serious problem we have in and around the University of Manitoba. Details are posted on my website:

The City of Winnipeg Public Service is currently researching best housing practices and are to report back by the end of June, 2015.  I am also continuing to research this matter, and have identified a community experiencing almost the identical situation we are.  Please read how the community of Stony Brook, New York is taking action on their rental housing situation:

OUR Community Steering Committee: Regardless of what the City of Winnipeg’s report comes back with, I know we will have to form some type of residents’ association to ‘be the voice’ to best represent our interests. As many of you know, I’ve been an ‘advocate’ for many years, working to create better walking and cycling paths, school playgrounds and other community improvements. I can attest that ownership and promotion of an issue go a very long way.  Therefore, if you are interested in taking an engaged ACTIVE AND POSITIVE ROLE on tackling the issue of rental housing in our community, please email your name, address, phone and E-Mail address to our Ward Assistant:

PLEASE NOTE: We will be gathering names over the next few months with the goal of having an informal Steering Committee meeting prior to our larger community meeting on September 30, 2015.




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