Legalities Of Advertising A 1,095 sq ft House With Seven Bedrooms

A 1,095 ft sq house is listed on MLS and is being marketed with having 7 BEDROOMS – 4 on the main floor and 3 are in the basement.

I’ve received many calls inquiring if it is legal to have the house advertised in this manner. Seven bedrooms in a 1,095 sq ft house seems excessive in many people’s opinion. In speaking with Peter Squire, Vice President, External Relations, Market Intelligence at the Winnipeg REALTORS Association, he indicates the REALTORS have an internal policy that states the agent must state if the basement bedrooms comply with current fire and building code regulations.  Excerpt from the REALTORS policy:

“Basement Bedrooms”
If a bedroom below grade does not comply with current fire and building codes, then this must be noted in the REALTOR Remarks and in the Public Remarks.

You will note the realtor does state in the description (the windows of the 3 rooms in the basement may not be egress but it should be very possible to make them egress). Technically, the realtor is complying with the WinnipegREALTORS disclosure policy by stating the rooms in the basement do not comply with current fire and building codes.

I find this manner of marketing concerning and am in discussions with the Province and the Canadian Real Estate Association’s REALTOR Code of Ethics as to the technicalities of marketing a house in this manner.  I am also working closely with the City of Winnipeg By-Law enforcement department to monitor this house once sold.